Obesity and diabetes – is that just a question of lifestyle?

What is the reason why we are obese and get diabetes? Often, the explanations from the outside world, points in different directions: Is obesity about what we eat, i.e. our environment, or is it about our heritage? And is it OK to interfere in how others choose to live their lives? There are many questions and scientists worldwide are searching for answers to these questions. In this performance, the audience gets insight into which perspectives and thoughts, that determines the direction for research into obesity and diabetes.

The results of the research are put into a general human story, via the characters “Britt” and “Lasse”. Everything is tied together by live music, dancing and a great dose of humour.


Starring: 2 researchers from the University of Copenhagen, 2 actors, 1 dancer, two musicians and one technician.

The scenographic installation: Eva Steen Christensen

Manuscript: Dorthe Bille and Dan Schlosser

Directed by Dorthe Bille

Duration: 60 min

Stage Requirements: 10 x 7 meters, 4 meters ceiling height, 400 volt, blackout facilities.

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The show is produced with support from Forebyggelsesfonden.