About the Play

“Live Life in Style is the result of a collaboration between the interdisciplinary research project, Governing Obesity at the University of Copenhagen and The Science Theatre. A production where we celebrate art and science, show the versatility of research communication and present major interdisciplinary achievements in health and obesity research at the University of Copenhagen.

Health is fundamental in living the life we as humans wish for, and our physical and mental wellbeing help to ensure a long life with good quality of life.

The show, “Live Life in Style” motivates the audience to reflect upon their own lifestyle and health. With input from a number of scientific fields, the show reinforces the notion of the individual’s knowledge about health and the meaning of lifestyle in a societal perspective.

Health and lifestyle research results and perspectives hereby challenge the idealized representations of body, health and lifestyle that we are daily confronted with. Point of departure is taking in the broad concept of health, where aspects such as socializing, social communities and quality of life are treated equally with exercise and diet.

The performance is targeted at young people aged 16-20 years of age, and will be touring to a number of Danish high Schools in April and November 2016.

“Live Life in Style” is a performance that with humour and significance deals with health and lifestyle at a cellular, individual and community level.


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Idea and Manuscript: Dorthe Bille in in cooperation with the artists on the basis of scientific presentations from Professor Bente Stallknecht (SUND), Lektor Astrid Pernille Jespersen (HUM), Lektor Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen (HUM/SCIENCE), Professor Thorkild I A Sørensen (SUND), Professor Anders Sjödin (SCIENCE) og Professor Torben Hansen (SUND).

Strarring: Two researchers from Copenhagen University participate in the show, starring artists Andreas Bennetsen (composer and dobble bass player), Ataf Khawaja (writer/rapper), Stine Gyldenkerne Nielsen (actress), Henrik Blauner Clausen (actor), Jan Höfler (technician), Astrid Myntekær (artist), Aksel Køie (app developer), Dorthe Bille (director).

Duration: 90 min.

Stage Requirements: 10 x 7 meter, 4 meter ceiling height, 400 volt, blackout facilities.

Thanks to

The Play “Live Life In Style” is supported by Kronprins Frederiks og Kronprinsesse Marys Fond, Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriets Udlodningsmidler 2015 og Københavns Universitets Stjerneprogram for Interdisciplinær Forskning.