The global climate is in bad shape. The poles are melting, hurricanes are raging and the Sahara desert is expanding. These are challenges that concern us all. But what can I do? What options exist? How does it work? And is it any use at all?
The performances ‘Find the Energy – the Future Is Coming’ (Find energien – Fremtiden kommer) answer some of these questions through specific knowledge and reflection on environmental and climate issues.

Britt and Lasse are the voices to our reflections in their attempt to do something good for the climate, concurrently they are tangled into all of the dilemmas that this creates. Simultaneously, researchers take the stage and put perspectives and opportunities within sustainability into play, exemplified through the research fields of wind energy, bioenergy and system analysis, everything is tied together by music, dancing and a great dose of humour.

When the audience arrive, they are given a small bag that includes 10 beans, to be invested in future energy sources and politics during the performance.



Starring: Four scientists from the Technical University of Denmark, three actors, one juggler, two musicians and two technicians.

Manuscript: Dorthe Bille, Dan Schlosser and Christian Damsgaard. Directed by Dorthe Bille, Scenographic installation: Eva Steen Christensen, Animation: Mary Mac Dalland.

Duration: 90 min

Stage Requirements: 10 x 7 meters, 4 meters ceiling height, 400 volt, blackout facilities.