Conflicts at Work

The Science Theatre performance: Lasse, who is the performance’s protagonist, explores the secrets of the conflict pyramid – a story about the many rooms and corridors of the pyramid, an inner journey that manipulates reality and activates the red zone.

Dissemination of knowledge about the psychological work environment

“The Secrets of the Pyramid”

How can conflicts be understood and dealt with? In this performance, the acting and the music show how we can get lost and how we can find our way back again. How do we comprehend and understand conflicts and the best ways to handle these? Are all conflicts basically the same, or should we understand, and thus handle them differently? How do we handle our own conflicts, and how can we intervene and mediate in others?

When adrenalin levels begin to rise and our imagination is playing tricks, it can be difficult to figure out where and how conflicts are resolved. This event does not merely provide insight, but also tools, to react and create solutions in a conflict-affected environment.

Learn the secret of the conflict pyramid, from a science theatre performance that disseminates knowledge on how you can maintain the good atmosphere and prevent conflicts and create a positive “disagreement culture” at your workplace.

The performance has been very well received by the audience: more than 95% of the participants in past performances subsequently signify that they can use the new knowledge in their everyday lives and are satisfied or very satisfied with the communication form.


Starring: Organizational Psychologist and researcher Liv Starheim, actor Bo Carlsson and bass player Ina Kalina Goudeva. Manuscript and direction by Dorthe Bille

Duration: 90 min.

Stage Requirements: 7 x 4 meter, 3 meter ceiling height, 400 volt, blackout facilities.

Medvirkende: Organisationspsykolog og forsker Liv Starheim,  skuespiller Bo Carlsson og kontrabassist Ina Kalina Goudeva. Manuskript og instruktion: Dorthe Bille

Varighed: 90 min.

Scenekrav: 7 x 4 meter, 3 meter loftshøjde, 400 volt udtag, mørklægning.